Dog Lover


I do not know if the fact that when as a child, I accidentally stepped on our pet duck who was sitting near me and it died that I could no longer touch or cradle any pet animal.  I’ve always hated cats because there were always too many stray cats and they’ve always managed to get into our cabinets or drawers to give birth. We have had dogs during my childhood and I suffered allergies from flea bites. It is understandable that when I got my own home, I’ve never had any pet dog even when it was fashionable to walk the dog in the afternoons in the village.

So it was hard for me to understand that the husband of my niece who moved into the adjacent house would get a dog even if it is disadvantageous:  They were moving in, and they have too much stuff that it was necessary to find ways to fit in the stuff into their house.  They have a four-year-old hyperactive boy that the dog could bite or scratch.  Her wife is pregnant and would be giving birth in a few months.  They have only one housekeeper doubling as a nanny, and with a toddler and baby to take care of, adding a dog to clean after and feed every day could stretch her patience.  So I was dismayed to learn that in the middle of moving in, he took a trip to the suburbs to buy the puppy he saw advertised in the FB. He just dropped everything he was doing to buy that puppy. He didn’t ask me if it was alright with me. The last place they lived in didn’t allow for pets as there was no space. There’s a pocket garden and a car garage here so he was raring to get a puppy then.

Updates: His 4-year old boy has scratches and tiny bites because he was always spanking the dog.  The boy had to be given anti-rabies shots. Every day,  the dog scatters his poop near my gate and everything he can bite like slippers, shoes, and toys. My niece’s husband helps clean after the dog but now he can’t as he was operated on for a growth in his kidneys. And he knew he will be undergoing the operation before he bought that dog!

One must be crazy about having a dog to go through all this trouble –  even the risk of having one’s child bitten.  Something a non-pet-lover can’t understand.

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