No more the”scaredy cat”


I can’t help but be amazed at myself that despite all those horror stories and movies, TV and social media this Halloween, I can still manage to sleep at night – home alone, and with all the lights out.  This, in comparison with my older sister who can’t even sleep alone in a room, or my niece’s housekeeper, husband or mother-in-law who said they saw some shadow or felt something at night in the adjacent house.

It used to be that at a time like these, I’d leave even at least one dim light on,  as all sorts of ghost stories play in my mind.

It used to be that I can’t sleep until my nephews or niece who lived with me then, arrived.

It used to be that I would worry about the electricity being cut off as the storm raged on and I would be alone.

This,  ever since I learned about the spiritual warfare going on on earth and what I have to do to prevent attacks by the evil spirits who take on many guises to lure us.  This I learned from listening to a weekly radio program of a Catholic station that deals with the said topic.

And also maybe, when we have no choice like our other difficult situations in life, we manage by the grace of God.

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