My Little Dilemma

I usually go on the last week of the month whenever I am scheduled for a check-up with my Oncologist.  But being scheduled this December, I am in two minds about going on the first week or in January since there will be a lot of activities and gatherings during December. I am wary about going for laboratory and diagnostic tests and check-up during this season for what the doctor might say will ruin my celebratory mood. Besides, from October onwards,  I  have been celebrating with my family and friends their birthdays,  which means that I’ve been failing to stick to my healthy diet.  What’s a celebration without cakes, fatty foods, and pasta?   I’d surely have a bad result for my blood chemistry especially with my lipid profile.

On the other hand, I am the type who always wants to get things over and done with. And my most valid reason for wanting to go earlier is I would be switching to Arimidex from Tamoxifen to hopefully arrest its side effects on my body, and I need the doctor’s prescription.

If I could delay going I would,  but I remember how I was reprimanded by the doctor then for delaying my visit.  Usually, with the long line of patients, she must probably be tired and has a short fuse.  I dread waiting for hours in the doctor’s clinic, not to mention subjecting my body unwillingly to the laboratory and diagnostic tests.

Maybe the Christmas season is a good excuse.

7 thoughts on “My Little Dilemma

  1. My first cancer was cervical cancer and I received my diagnosis a few days short of Christmas. I was only 28 and I couldn’t help but wonder if I had just been given a death sentence. After all, everyone I had ever known who had been diagnosed with cancer had died from it. So I totally understand the downside of going to the doctor in December. Yet there is an upside as well. For those of us who are Christian, December is a time of family gatherings and togetherness and Christmas in particular brings with it a reminder of the basis of our faith. It can be a point of spiritual renewal and what gets us through the worst of life if it is not our faith and the support of those who love us? It’s never fun to go to the doctor, especially the oncologist, but putting it off doesn’t really change what one will hear in the end. The news will be what it will be and you can be surrounded by love and laughter afterwards. I promise that, regardless of what is said, your doctor doesn’t expect you to live like a saint, especially this time of year.

    Hope all of your news is good news.


    1. Oh, you’ve been through a lot, having had cervical cancer, too! It made you stronger. I think I’m going to faint if I’m going to hear another bad news about my health because I wouldn’t know what to do. Anyway, I’m getting convinced that I have to see the doctor before Christmas and I most probably, will.
      Thanks and hope everything will be well with you always!


  2. I feel we should enjoy ourselves with family and friends. Here we believe we should do whatever is good for ourselves, do our best and leave the rest to God. Take care. Regards


    1. I was about to go for check-up on the first week of Dec. but learned that my doctor is going abroad for a week. That helped me decide. My friend who is also a colorectal cancer survivor for 14 years now suddenly had to be hospitalized as the cancer spread to her cervix and kidneys. She stopped seeing her oncologist after 2010. That made me sad and scared because I thought we’d be happy ever after the chemo ,etc.


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