I woke up at dawn to a chillier-than-usual weather.  I was suffering from a little cough and slight fever, and the cold weather didn’t help. Instead of the sun peeking by 6 am, it started to drizzle.  The Christmas season weather has set in. I like this weather at this time of the year – chilly and hardly any  typhoons. No wonder, relatives working or living abroad come over for a vacation and to celebrate the longest and most festive Christmas celebration all over the world.

And yet, at this time of the year, statistics show that the number of depressed people, suicidal even, shoot up. Maybe it has to do with the gloomy weather when the darkness is longer. Studies say, that when it is dark,  the melatonin hormones which makes one sleepy instead of the serotonin or the hormone which makes one happy are released. This is called the seasonal affective disorder or SAD.

However, I also believe that depression at this time of the year has something to do with the pressure to keep up with the commercialization of Christmas – gifts and parties and reunions galore, new clothes and shoes and decorations or whatnots to keep up or outdo one’s neighbor. Those who have good jobs can usually keep up as they receive their 13th- or even 14th-month pay before December. But for the rest of us, we just wish Christmas will pass by quickly.

And there are people who have relationship troubles or who are grieving which makes them feel isolated amidst a sea of merry people.

Maybe we should re-think how we celebrate Christmas and make it a joyful season for everyone because it is Jesus Christ’s birthday. That is, if the business establishments, especially the malls would allow it.

3 thoughts on “S.A.D.

  1. Yes, I have read about how Christmas becomes a big commercial show. It is sad. And it would be so nice if close ones just came together and enjoyed themselves without all the gifts being exchanged. Here in many places the same happens during weddings.
    Enjoy and all the best.


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