Going through my Jan. 2019 to-do list

I’m a stickler for making to-do lists, in fact, all kinds of lists, as I find them very helpful that I don’t miss out on doing or buying some things.

This January, the list is quite long which includes visits to the dentist, ophthalmologist, and oncologist for check-ups.

I feel a sense of fulfillment as I tick off the items on my list one by one. But this time, I don’t know if I should as I have to go back soon to my dentist and oncologist for follow-ups. I have to decide between getting a mouthguard as my lower left teeth are getting smaller from unconscious grinding as my dentist said I suffer from Bruxism, or root canal. They are already quite sensitive, the only other alternative is to get a root canal and cover them with jackets. I’ve had a mouthguard before and I find it hard sleeping, and when I do, I wake up to find my mouthguard on my bed.

As for my Oncologist, she can not prescribe the aromatase inhibitor to which I am trying to switch to without the result of the bone densitometry test. I am glad that the rest of the laboratory tests are quite good save for the thickening lining of my uterus due to the side effect of Tamoxifen and I have a new small cyst on my other breast (But still, some things to worry about), I really dread going back to see her as I just waited for 5 long hours in her clinic, this time. Last December, after deciding to go ahead for check-up, I had to postpone it as she was abroad, probably for some R & R.

I was hoping that I could forget the doctors until the next six months again, but no such luck. I will be seeing them again soon.

2 thoughts on “Going through my Jan. 2019 to-do list

  1. I’m never excited about going to see any doctor. It’s such a bother. I feel like I should be less anxious as I move farther away from diagnosis and treatment, but find it’s the other way around. I feel I’ve been fortunate not to have had a recurrence so far, but each visit brings me face to face with the possibility that I might not be so lucky this time. Seems there’s always room to worry.


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