One off the list of places to visit

I have always wanted to go to “Kamay ni Jesus” (Hands of Jesus) in Lukban, Quezon but the distance (about 5-6 hours drive from our place) makes it hard to get my nephews to drive me there. And it is not their type of fun place to go to. They would prefer to go to the beaches. The long hours of sitting in the van is also discouraging to my older, arthritic friends.

I have kept it in my list of places to visit for over 10 years now. Finally, I have found some friends who also wanted to go to the place. I was determined to make it this year. As early as January, we were planning to go there as we prefer to go when the weather is cooler as we would be climbing the more than 300 steps stairway to the giant image of Jesus with his outstretched hand and other stations of the cross. But something got in the way. We got busy with our medical issues, and then we have to visit our dying friend who was sent home to her province to rest in peace. Then we have to attend the funeral and 9-day novena until the days passed by and soon it was March and summer is starting to say hello. Last Saturday, we finally made it! There were some who could’t come because of health conditions. The three of us who went there had a little bit of diarrhea the days previous to the trip we thought we couldn’t make it. Aside from that, I had an allergic reaction, probably to the dust mites in the van, my eyes got puffy, my nose was running and I was itchy all over on the way home.

But it was worth all the wait and hardship we endured. It was as beautiful as we thought it would be. I just regretted that it was already March instead of January, and most of us didn’t climb the stairway to the image of Jesus because it was too hot. Anyway, there were other places to see such as “Noah’s ark” replica with the animal models scattered nearby on the sprawling lawn. We were also fortunate to make it to the healing Mass of Fr. Joey Faller.

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