Saving Mario

He was a subordinate in a food manufacturing company I worked in. In his mid-20’s, he was a chubby and jolly and looks like a mascot of a fast food company. He had glumerolonephritis which caused his kidneys to malfunction. Whenever he was absent, we knew he was undergoing treatment. And after he left the company, I learned from his facebook account that he was undergoing dialysis 3x a week and was asking for financial assistance from his friends. The government medical insurance gives free dialysis 90x per year. But at 3x a week of dialysis, that means 156 dialysis per year for him. For someone who was out of job, and only resorts to selling skincare products, his medical condition is a great challenge.

I ran into him a few times with his mother, in our parish church as he moved in the same parish. When he can manage, he volunteers as a lay minister. The last time I saw him in church, his mother had severe arthritis, she can only manage to move about in a walker. My heart broke as I realize that his mother won’t be able to take care of him anymore that he goes to his dialysis treatments by himself. This, after trodding the streets looking for sources of medical assistance. His brother pays for the rent and food of the family. The father had long been gone.

Last week he came over to ask for a little help. I’ve given him the little that I can afford before as I have also my medical challenges, being a breast cancer survivor myself. I’ve also asked our former co-workers to help him. Whenever, I go for check-ups and its accompanying diagnostic and laboratory tests, I always ask myself ” Why do I need to do this? What for?” Thank God, I have my savings to dip into for treatments and check-ups and I don’t need to pay the rent, and yet, I feel this way. And here comes Mario, diligently looking for ways to fund his dialysis treatments, swallowing his pride even, so he might live.

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