Technology and the Seniors

Although I appreciate the advances in technology especially in telecommunication gadgets, I only know too well that something’s going to go wrong in the hardware some time, some virus will wreak havoc or I need to update some apps or I will to have a model upgrade. These equipment were designed to be obsolete ASAP, for business purposes.

Well, something like this happened to me lately. Suddenly, the monitor screen of my desktop had turned blank, and I couldn’t make it run despite following my younger sister’s (she’s the techie one) instructions via the telephone. So I had to call a technician who said that probably due to the hot weather, my CPU had been overheating and I needed to change my hard disk. I also broke the “on” button as I pressed too hard on it, and one of the fans in the CPU isn’t working, too. I prefer the desktop as the video and audio are clearer because of the bigger and stronger quality compared to Smart phones or tablets. I realized that my day will not be complete without it as I do a lot of things with it: I do my research, my FB, watch YouTube, and exercise almost daily with it. I spend more time on my PC than watch TV. So, I hastily went to the PC and gadgets store to buy the hard disk, etc. A few months later, it was the internet connection that went off probably due to the heavy rains and so I was again cut off from my social media connection for a few days and I did feel miserable.

I have senior friends who do not know how to use the gadgets, or even know how to type on the PC. Perly, who is our chapel treasurer submits her typewritten reports done on her reliable typewriter. She is sure it will not suddenly conk out, and the screen will not prod her to update an app. But type is all that she can do with it!

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