And it did pass.

Whenever I am undergoing trials or difficult challenges, I always tell myself that ” This too shall pass”. A phrase I usually hear from spiritual people.

Last week was a difficult time for the family. Last Sunday, my sister’s brother-in-law died suddenly probably from heart attack. My brother-in-law who lives in the province, about 15 hours drive away came over to attend his funeral. After he was cremated, my brother-in-law felt a heaviness in his chest and his foot was swollen. He was rushed to the hospital. And the diagnosis was he had blocked arteries and had to go for angioplasty. We weren’t ready for the medical expenses and who would attend to him as he was brought to a hospital near his sister’s house miles away from our place. His sons just came over from a two-week rest from working overseas. His daughter is working and has a baby and toddler to take care of. Sacrifices have to be made. As for the medical expenses, we pooled our resources to pay for the hefty medical expenses. He did’t have HMO as he had nasopharyngeal cancer 6 years ago and so was no longer qualified. To make matters worse, my nephew lost the manager’s check I gave him and after talking with the bank’s manager, I realized that it wasn’t that easy to stop the payment. It was going to be a long and tedious process. So, we summoned the help of the saints especially St. Anthony (the saint to go to for lost articles) and of course, our Blessed Mother. The day after I went to the bank , and after my nephew reported to the hospital cashier the MC number and date of the check, a call from the Security came saying that a nurse found the check.

My brother-in-law has recovered and is on his way now to his home. During the difficult period, I felt overwhelmed, as if troubles will never end. But they are right – and it did pass!

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