PC and Internet Problems Again

It’s been a while since I last posted here. I’ve lost the momentum after my internet connection problem, which is getting more frequent these days. And after it was fixed, I was dismayed to with yet another problem – video and audio problems! Suddenly, I couldn’t play videos, and it says I’m using the wrong app. I’ve been using the same app and suddenly it’s the wrong app? I would hav e called my nephew but that means waiting for the weekend since he is at work, so I tried to fiddle with the Windows program and sought HELP. Normally, after a few tries, I would have given up, but I remembered M Scott Peck who said:

“And I know that I and anyone else who is not mentally defective can solve any problem if we are willing to take the time”.

I read and re read the instructions aloud. I’m used to speed reading, but didn’t he say to take the time?” I was so surprised that after a while I was able to make the videos play. Except that there was no sound! I tried connecting the USB end of the speakers to the the different ports until it worked. Wheww! Finally, everything was working, but I have to catch up on my e-mails and FB. And now I’m glad I’m back here!

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