No more hiding my age

I started school one year late than most kids. And when I became conscious of this, I started to hide my age. It didn’t help that I look much younger than my real age (modesty aside), and people gasp in disbelief when I tell them the truth. When I changed jobs when I was in my 30’s then, my best friend told me that I was the trending topic when my office mates discovered my real age! And how I wish I were as young as they thought I was.

And fast forward to this year. I can’t wait to be 60, simply because I am going to get my Senior Citizen ID and will be entitled to a lot of discounts in various business establishments and of course, my Social Security pension, no matter how small. How can I hide my age when I would be brandishing my senior citizen ID every time I eat at restaurants, buy medicines and groceries, or watch movies. I said I would be very happy when the day finally comes.

When it came, I did donate some as I promised and splurged a bit on my meal and exotic fruits and nuts. When I got home I experienced abdominal pain probably from acidic stomach, making me feel nauseous. I couldn’t even drink coffee. I suffered for three days until I remembered the medicine my doctor used to prescribe for me when I’m feeling acidic in the stomach. But then, I still have to be careful about consuming acidic fruits and drinks.

The illness rubbed me of some joy. Now that I’m feeling better, I’d probably treat some of my friends as I envisioned when I was still hoping to get my ID and pension without delay.

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