New Year’s Resolution for Health.

I was encouraged to make a New Year’s resolution after I read a Cardiologist’s newspaper column about making one for health and to write them down and read them from time to time. In that way, there’s a better chance they will be fulfilled.

And so I did!

First on the least is to reduce if not lose (quite impossible) my belly fat. I’ve always have had one even in my teens. But after the Christmas season and after my chubby older sister stayed over for more than 2 weeks, I noticed I look like I’m 5 months preggy instead of the usual 3! Food makes my sister happy. She would sulk if I would make us eat leftover food, or lot’s of veggies. And even if we would just go to a nearby grocery, we have to eat out. My plan is to eat less carbs, especially rice. during merienda. Instead of rice (fried rice) for my midmorning snack, I’d just eat a banana or toasted sesame seeds or crackers. Some days, I’m successful. But bananas do not go well with coffee. ( I just drink half a cup every time).

Next, instead of just my 30 minute zumba routine, I’d throw in weight-bearing exercises which is good for my osteopenia which could deteriorate into osteoporosis due to my anti-cancer drug’s side effects. I’d probably do the “Russian twist” and “Mountain climber” exercises to sculpt my abs. There would be a little problem, though. My left arm is compromised due to my left breast mastectomy.

Third, to avoid throwing into my mouth junk food, esp. fried chips while watching TV. I always look forward to eating fried chips while watching TV. That’s bliss for me!. Maybe, I’d replace it with nuts but my dentist warned me about eating such, because it would ruin my teeth enamel. Maybe I’d just bite my nails!

I had better be serious about this. I don’t look good in t-shirts my size. I have to wear shirts 2 sizes larger because of my tummy.

And check-up day will be in a few months!

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