Making Do.

Yesterday was the 1st death anniversary of our former chapel treasurer who was well-loved because of her generosity, kindness and cheerfulness. The family invited friends and neighbors to attend the Mass said for the occasion. We shared a light dinner afterwards.

Her passing was a very sad day for most of us. She was a confidante to most of us, chapel servants. I, for one seek her whenever something is bothering me and we end up talking for hours on the phone. We took too long because she would keep on repeating some stories about her life which she has told me before. I had often wished she wouldn’t, but nevertheless, I am grateful to her for taking the time to listen.

When she could not join us in our weekly block rosaries, I feel apprehensive when we have to do it in the houses of families we are not familiar with or are hesitant about agreeing to conduct the Block Rosary in their homes. She was our PR lady, enjoining the people to talk and feel comfortable with us.

But we have the ability to adapt: I realized I had become close with P, and we call each other up, although not as often or do our talks take longer than 15 minutes. And there’s O who often joins us now in our block rosaries, taking the place of sis C, as PR lady. And there’s sis C who would usually bring food if we need to discuss some chapel matters after the novena.

They may not be the real thing, but we make do with whoever is available.

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