A week ago, a congressman suggested that Metro Manila be put on lock down to stop COVID-19 transmission. Our president wouldn’t hear of it. But with the news of the pandemic escalating, he changed his mind a week later, and announced that in 2-3 days, Metro Manila would be put on community quarantine. Then, there were directives to stop mass gatherings, even Sunday masses. I was curious to find long lines at the supermarket, many rushing to go home to their provinces such that there were traffic jams and big crowd at the bus stations. This was possible because school classes have already been suspended a week earlier and would be indefinitely suspended.

Monday came and there was chaos and long lines at the checkpoints where health workers check the temperature of the motorists and pedestrians before they were allowed to proceed. This led to criticism of the handling of the situation such that the next day, it was announced that the quarantine measures would be intensified, He called it Enhanced Community Quarantine where only workers from the health, food, medicine, telecoms, and uniformed personnel would be allowed to go to work. Mass transport was suspended, so that people would stay home. I was caught off-guard as I was supposed to get the results of my diagnostic tests as requested by my Oncologist for my Zometa transfusion the following Monday. ( Zometa is given every six months to combat the side effect of osteoporosis for those taking aromatase inhibitors which is an anti-cancer drug for breast cancer patients). I was able to get them, thanks to some defiant motorcycle riders for hire . However, I realized that even as I was ready with my results, the assistants of my doctor cannot report for work because of the suspension of mass transport. I called up my Oncologist who told me we had better delay the procedure as I might catch the virus staying in the hospital.

I thought I was so lucky then when I went to the Diagnostic centers as there were very few people. I was glad I postponed going there for two days! Now I worry when will I have the procedure done as we are still not sure when this lockdown will end. I am anxious of the effects of taking the drug without Zometa infusion. And those cancer patients who had their chemotherapy postponed will surely flock to the hospital as soon as it is possible to have the procedure done, And I know they will be prioritized!

Regrets. Those two days I let pass would have spelled the difference between anxiety and relief.

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