My Lockdown situation

The day the Metro Manila Community Quarantine was declared, ( then intensified into the Luzon lockdown), was also the day my landline and internet service became unavailable! Am I lucky or what? Not because I’ll have nothing to do, but because I want to use the time that I am on forced home quarantine to go on with being a keyboard warrior on social media. My advocacies are promoting God’s word, fighting corruption and bad governance, promoting care for our environment and good health practices. Besides, I’d like to get in touch with family and friends during this time.

With the household chores, gardening and attending to my visitor every morning – the 5-year old son of my niece who lives nearby (who makes me happy even if he is the personification of Dennis the Menace and who I’ll be cleaning after he leaves) , I never run out of things to do, lockdown or no lockdown. Doing physical activities is a bit harder for me these days with my right wrist in pain especially when I do twisting action with my hand. And of course, my left arm has always been troublesome after my mastectomy, as 22 lymph nodes were taken out from the armpit to my arm, if I remember right.

Although I am saddened by the fact that we are no longer allowed to congregate and hold Sunday Masses in our chapel, I feel a sort of relief from the respite from my other religious activities – weekly chapel and organization meetings, block rosaries and Bible sharing, and this Lent, the Community Way of the Cross. I’ve been mulling for a while about leaving my Legion of Mary family, but am bound by guilt, knowing that if I did, the other members might follow suit and there are only a few of us left.

Having sold my mini car when I was undergoing chemotheraphy as it was just gathering dust in the garage, I now feel the need for one. I could then count on my nephew to bring me to my treatments and it was his car he preferred to use. With the ban on mass transport, buying my groceries and food supplies is a problem. Even taxis and Grab cars or tricycles are not allowed. The last time I did, I walked for about 30 min. under the hot sun. Maybe I’d take my niece’s offer to get me some stuff, or maybe I’ll just order online. It wouldn’t be complete, and being alone, the minimum volume will be quite too much for me. If I rent a car, I’d go through long lines at the supermarket and risk catching the virus at the crowded wet market. Hard times I’d never thought I’ll go through. I thought undergoing chemotherapy was the toughest!

And so I await communication from my Oncologist on when I can undergo IV transfusion to arrest osteoporosis. It had better be soon or the side effects of my anti-cancer drug might manifest. If the number of COVID-19 cases do not drop soon, I might have to choose between catching the disease or getting osteoporosis.

Thank God, that as of this writing, my landline phone and internet service have been restored. That’s about almost two weeks since.

With prayers on broadcast media begging God to banish the virus from our midst being played every hour, I pray that we will all be safe until God lifts us from this catastrophe!

3 thoughts on “My Lockdown situation

  1. It is a brave new world here in Texas as well. I am at this point glad to be considered essential and thus working. Being in healthcare somewhat raises my chances of exposure, but since I work exclusively in oncology now, it is surely less than when I worked in the hospital. You have time to wait for the osteoporosis drugs. If you have grave concerns the doctor could prescribe an oral drug to help until you are able to get your infusion. It does not work as well, but is a reasonable stop gap measure.

    Keeping you in my prayers that you will stay well through out this pandemic.


  2. Thank you for your medical advice. How many COVID-19 cases do you have there in Texas? We have about 3,000 today and every day they keep on increasing despite the forced quarantine. Praying for a miracle which is the only thing that can stop this virus! Praying for you as well and the whole world!


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