A Reply from Heaven?

I’ve written about in my previous post, that I’ve postponed my IV infusion (to counter the side effects of the anti-cancer drug I’m taking, which are arthritis and osteoporosis) for more than two months now. And since March, I’ve been suffering from pain in my right wrist and a heaviness in my left arm. My Oncologist advised me then to postpone the procedure as I might catch the virus in the hospital until I can no longer tolerate the pain. I have a high threshold for pain, but I’m wary of osteoporosis and I didn’t want to repeat my lab and diagnostic tests. Finally, I decided to go ahead and so I made appointment with those concerned for my May 4 transfusion.

I informed my sister who calls regularly from the province that I’m going ahead on May 04. Then, my brother-in-law butted in to ask if I wanted to commit suicide. He added that even if one does not die from it, the hardship one endures while battling the disease is excruciating if you get the serious and symptomatic type. He said it was in the news that the hospital concerned had patients with COVID-19. I didn’t want to listen to him as I wanted to get it over and done with. There are 4 big hospitals in the area, and the one I’m going to as far as I know hardly accepts COVID patients as it is a kidney center and a go-to for dialysis and chemo patients. The other 3 hospitals had been previously in the news because of the COVID patients but not NKTI. Nevertheless, having watched videos of COVID survivors who told their stories of agony while in the hospital did scare me.

The night before I went to bed I prayed hard for guidance. Maybe something will happen, like the one who would bring me to the hospital would beg off, then I wouldn’t look for a substitute because it is a sign that I must postpone the procedure.

The next day, Saturday (my appointment at the NKTI was on Monday) the lady delivered the newspaper which had on its front page the following news: 23 Health Workers from NKTI Tested Positive for COVID-19. As I read further, there are already 78 COVID patients being cared for in the hospital. It might interest you to know that I was wondering what happened to the lady delivering the newspapers as she’s been absent for almost a week since. (It is no longer surprising that every village or barangay officers would suddenly ban non-residents from entering) And suddenly she reappeared to give me the important news!

Is that not a reply from Heaven?

7 thoughts on “A Reply from Heaven?

  1. Sometimes I wish God spoke like regular people you know….audible …..I love my God with all my heart and soul…but I just wished he spoke more audibly at times….
    Stay blessed 🙏🌈🤩✝️


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