Going Out in These Pandemic Days

On June 01, 2020, Metro Manila quarantine rules were relaxed a bit which means there is now some public transportation, the malls were opened, and 50% of business and government personnel can go back to work. However, the public transportation was not enough for the commuting public but that’s another story.

I have not been to the Mall for almost 3 months, nor to the big wet market I patronise. I have relied on the goodness of my niece’s husband who is a frontliner to get some of my grocery or food supplies. Although I’m grateful, I am a bit hesitant as sometimes, he didn’t get it right and he might be too tired coming home from work.

Although I’m still wary of going out, I’m excited in doing my own groceries from a real supermarket where prices are cheaper and the shelves are well stocked and complete than in the mini-grocery in the neighborhood. Besides, I couldn’t get help from the telecommuting service reps for my internet service provider. There are so much more I wanted to do, like browse around the bookstore and the shoes section, buy an electric fan, kitchen utensils and what-nots. However, I told myself, I will not stay longer in the Mall for more than 3 hours so that I wouldn’t have to eat there nor use the public toilet to have less chances of getting the virus. I must commend the Mall management for taking extra precautions like checking the temperature of the incoming customers, putting markers on the floor and on the escalators to ensure physical distancing, etc., even if it means less sales and more expenses for them doing those. Yes, I wasn’t able to do or buy everything I wanted to as I was already tired and I cannot do what I used to do, that is, take a break in one of the restos to rest and eat before I continue my mall activities.

Despite the relaxation on quarantine rules, the number of people infected have been increasing every day. The decision to open the businesses was more for the economy rather than for health. After all, we cannot be on lockdown forever. It is just up to the people to take extra precautions, and I’m taking those so I won’t add to the statistics.

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