When God is Silent

Photo by Benjamin Suter on Pexels.com

I’ve been watching a fantasy-film TV series where the protagonists are enchanted creatures besieged by evil ones. And every time the lead characters ask their god for help by way of an oral prayer, the help comes in an instant – the god sends a sort of an angel who gives the leading character with more power to combat the villains or a magical sword or something.

It would be great if our God would send us help in an instant, but sometimes it is not that way. For instance, we’ve been praying the “Oratio Imperata” for Covid-19 since January 2020, but the virus is still with us. We used to pray it after the Holy Mass every Sunday. Now, every radio or TV station is reciting the prayer after every show or program every day. Aside from that, we do our personal prayers before we sleep or wake up and it includes our petition to banish the virus from the world.

Aside from that, we pray for issues concerning our country. Concerned citizens, knowing they cannot do much in the face of a populist leader backed up by a subservient Congress who keeps passing laws detrimental to the country, or will prevent dissent, organize prayer watch parties or keep on praying their novenas. And yet, one by one the bill became laws despite arguments, or prayers or protest rallies by the concerned citizens. I know that the good will always triumph over evil, but the question is When?

In times like these, our faith is tested . We know there is a God because in the order of things logic tells us there is a God, and we have experienced His help or miracles in the past.

And so, we keep on despite His silence. Or maybe we cannot understand nor hear Him now.

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