Must be doing something right.

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Since February this year, I noticed I have not even had a cold or cough. Since March 15, we were on community quarantine, going out only for essential errands like buying food, medicines or groceries. I was careful to wear my mask always when I do go out and move away from people. It must have helped that we no longer have mass gatherings, although my co-church volunteers did meet in the chapel to pray and eat (take out delivery meals) to celebrate our Patron’s feast day last May. But there were only about 7 of us and we were far apart. We also cannot do our home visits to conduct block rosaries with Bible sharing weekly where we usually exchange our views and are invited to share food with the host. Sometimes, I am wary of eating anywhere, as the food might not have been hygienically prepared. When my co-chapel volunteers sneeze or cough, I knew that in a few days, I’d be coughing or sneezing , too. It does help to wear a face mask and more so not to be in contact with people exhibiting symptoms.

On the last week of May, I reluctantly had my IV infusion in a hospital with COVID patients because I had to. I did extra care: I had a face shield over a face with face mask, I was disinfecting my hands often, I didn’t eat at the canteen like I used to, just had my home prepared sandwiches; avoided too much conversation and went home without catching the dreaded virus. Here’s hoping that I can ride out the rest of the pandemic days without catching the virus by being careful.

And when this pandemic is over, I’d probably opt to wear a face mask when I go out as long as I can, avoid “beso-beso” (social kissing), disinfect my hands often, and maintain physical distancing. The harder part is not to partake of the food being offered during our home visits in line with our apostolate work. Even without the COVID-19 virus, there are still a lot of communicable diseases we had better not catch!

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