Will this too, pass?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Under normal circumstances, people, especially business people are already preparing for Christmas at this time of the year. In two weeks’ time, it will be September. September signals the start of the season here, and you start hearing Christmas carols on the radio. They say the Philippines has the longest Christmas season in the world.

But it looks like it is not to be this way this year. We have reverted back to the stricter community quarantine as the number of cases surged after the economy started opening up. From 300-400 cases, they are now reporting 3,000 to 6,000 a day and the medical community called for a “timeout’. And so the churches and chapels were closed again, no dine-ins, no public transportation again, etc. Those who are severely affected like those in the transportation, tourism, hotels, and the like will surely not be in the mood to celebrate. Now, besides wearing face masks, we will be required to wear face shields when we go out. I hope they will not require us to wear PPE’s next time.

When they thought of imposing this lockdown on us last March, the government probably thought, that they will be able to eradicate the virus in a month. Well, it was a little bit too late as they allowed the Chinese from Wuhan to come in despite calls for ban on international visitors.

And so, five months of community quarantine, we are nowhere near eradicating the virus. So does most of the countries. And if it takes longer, we are in for a long recession. And for like all trials and calamities, people say “this, too will pass.”

Lord, help me to keep the faith as I wonder if this too will pass.

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