Casualties of the Pandemic


As the number of people infected with Covid-19 surged, I fear for my loved ones being included in the statistics. I wasn’t prepared for someone so close to me to be a number in the “Deaths” column of the daily report on Covid-19 situation. But it did happen, the thing that I feared most came to pass on August 22, 2020. As I was watching TV on healthy lifestyle, my niece came down with the news that my youngest sister succumbed to COVID-19! I couldn’t believe it as no one informed me at the onset of her illness when she had the fever first on Aug. 13. When she had difficulty in breathing, she was rushed to the hospital. Still, nobody called me up. I even messaged her on FB on the 19th if she has a “WordPress” account. She just replied with a curt “no”.

I wrote down on our group chat with some of family members, which included my cousins, that I feel bad not being told by her and her family sooner, when she was still alive. My niece told me that her mom said that she didn’t want me to worry. My sister was rushed to a government hospital where the doctors and nurses were already complaining of overwork due to the number of patients being rushed there. Maybe my sister was afraid of the expenses dealing with COVID-19, entailed. I could have helped with the financial or even raised funds as I have well-off relatives and my brother-in-law have rich friends who offered help for the cremation and other expenses. I think they would rather help to keep them alive. Maybe, if we brought her to a private hospital, she would have been taken cared of better, offered better options instead of just being intubated. At the onset of her illness, we could have given her better advice or at the very least do a prayer brigade to storm the heavens. Incidentally, her husband was also rushed to the same hospital, on the same bed she laid on. But when he learned she did not survived, he gave up and refused intubation and died on the 24th.

My sister’s house is about 2-3 hours drive away from my place. I usually call her for help with the gadgets and the apps as she was more techie and was very patient with me compared to my younger nephews and nieces. She was one of those who attended to me when I had my mastectomy done and when I underwent chemotherapy. She and her husband were both generous, selfless and amiable.

Every time the dawn breaks, before I get up, I used to feel so lonely, missing being with my sisters and their families. I even dreamt about them, 3 weeks before my sister and husband died..

I have been praying and hoping that this Pandemic would go away soon so we can go out again with my youngest sister.

But it won’t happen anymore.

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