Sleeping Patterns of Seniors

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The popular doctor of a healthy lifestyle program always give the following advice to his listeners so that they will be healthy and live long lives: follow the acrostic SELF:

S – Get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep daily

E- Eat healthy, avoiding animal meats, seafood, processed flour and sugar products and if possible, go vegetarian.

L- spread love and avoid stress

F- forgive

Maybe, I can do the -ELF parts, but the sleep part is out of my control. I asked some of my friends in the community if they get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep daily. Like me, they fall asleep easily upon hitting the bed, but they also keep waking up every 2-3 hours to pee and it takes a while for them to sleep again. But the good doctor also said not to drink after 6 pm. I cannot follow this as it is already a habit to munch on popcorn or chips or nuts while watching TV.

Another common occurrence among us is we tend to doze off while watching TV. Sometimes, I slap myself for missing an entertainment trivia which I am waiting for as there is a teaser at the start of the news program.

Maybe, it’s the anti-cancer meds I’m taking and the remedy to counter the side effects. Or maybe, because of the Pandemic, the shows are no longer live or as interesting as the live audience are absent in the musical variety shows, talk shows are held via Zoom, comedy or soap operas are mostly replays. But I’ve been dozing off while watching TV for more than a year now, and even before the Pandemic, but it used to be at night only. Now, even while watching noontime variety shows, I find myself dozing off after an hour.

Anybody out there who gets eight hours of uninterrupted sleep daily?

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