Why die from Covid-19?

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

It was a shock to learn that my youngest sister had died due to Covid-19 a month ago when I wasn’t even informed when she first had the fever. I know how careful she was sanitizing and doing all that physical distancing and wearing a mask when she goes out. On Facebook, she even called out a friend for putting down her mask whenever she talks. But then she shared the house and room with her husband who also succumbed to the virus two days later. The children did observed that their father does not take a bath at once when he gets home.

But why is it that some people get the milder version and others get severely ill or even die from it?

Doctors say that those who have co-morbidities such as cancer, diabetes. COPD, asthma, hypertension, etc. are more likely to experience severe symptoms. Both my sister and husband were overweight. My brother-in law had type 1 diabetes for the longest time, and his kidneys suffered from it, he was highly recommended for periodic dialysis. As for my sister, we are not sure as she does not go for check-ups but she was recently operated on to remove a big cysts in her ovaries. And most likely both have low immunity as they usually sleep late, usually at dawn. It was hard to call my sister on the phone, as I wake up at dawn, when she was just starting to sleep. I have just observed that she was prone to coughs and colds and her operation was postponed then when she caught pneumonia.

I was always sending her articles about how to stay healthy, but she always had reasons not to follow most of the advice of the doctors. And now, as I try to tell her grown-up children who also have the same sleeping patterns as their parents, I get the same excuses. In fact when they were younger, they were regular patients in the hospital. I just hope that their stubborness wouldn’t lead to serious illnesses.

Looking back, I realized I did some things that were risky at the start of the Community Quarantine in March, I could have caught the virus: I did back ride on a motorcycle 3x when public transport was banned, I went to a wet market regularly, I had some diagnostic tests, and because I needed to, I had IV infusion in a hospital that had Covid-19 patients.

I am grateful to God for the protection, but I am much more careful now, observing safety protocols and avoiding enclosed spaces. But sometimes, I really needed to go out or go to a hospital. Despite being a cancer survivor, maybe I have a strong immune system. The doctor’s advice on how to strengthen one’s immune system must be working in me.

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