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Born in the ” age of baby boomers”, I am of course not expected to be techie. I use the internet and gadgets at the minimum – only when necessary. Although I envy others then when they talk about their being friends at FB, I didn’t budge. But when my sister showed me pictures of our family reunion and exchanges with cousins on Facebook the moment we got home, I decided to have my own FB account also.

It’s fun to connect with friends and joke around at the comments section. But there were times, I forgot that my comments may be read by other friends that my nieces and nephews who were slighted started treating me as if I don’t exist on FB. It is only now, that after the death of my sister did they confess when I asked why.

When I learned to use my cellphone to post pictures, I posted often especially when we go out of town or during gatherings. But lately, because of my medical condition and the Pandemic I don’t get to go out often, and seeing how the passing of years has altered my physical looks, I hardly post my personal pictures anymore.

Still, I find FB useful for my advocacies, to get in touch, to organize things especially the chapel and community. Today, I consider myself a keyboard warrior, posting about repressive government policies and corruption, fake news and immorality. I am frustrated that for all my effort all I get is 1 or 2 likes or comments while those posting selfies or silly quotes can garner numerous, even hundreds of reactions. What can I expect, as I have less than 200 fb friends and some of them have already died? And some are not really active, needing assistance from their younger relatives. But at least they could have given me at least 10 reactions. But no, most of them prefer to just send me beautiful “good morning” videos on messenger. If they only realize what can really make my morning good, then maybe they’d stop sending me greetings, and they’d like my posts instead. I do not even understand why they don’t just send them on my timeline nor how to react to that everyday.

Despite this, I will go on as this is my social responsibility as I have FB friends rooting for the other side, believing in the propagandists and trolls of the government, they probably don’t even read legitimate newspapers. They also keep on sharing posts as I do and I know they get to read my posts even though they do not react visibly. I also befriended some young people, so they can read about posts about good values, love of God and country, caring for the environment that I share. They hardly react because they are probably intimidated by our age gap.

Despite my disappointment, at least I am relevant and I would go on, likes or no likes.

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