Seeking trouble?

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Before the series of typhoons wreaked havoc on my country the past week, I have my own emotional typhoons to deal with a few weeks ago.

As I have related in a previous blog, there was a conflict and a little confrontation with my niece’s maid. We had another longer one last week.

Then, as we were planning to reopen the chapel, I had to deal with a conflict with the previous “caretaker”. It was hard to tell her we need to replace her as it seemed she was just interested in the compensation than with the cleaning and care of the chapel. She has the nerve to come in late during the Holy Masses, while we, unpaid volunteers do her job. Half of the officers know about her attitude, and half are clueless as they are not really the ones involved with the running of the chapel. And those in the know would rather keep quiet during the meeting, save for myself and the treasurer who was forced to talk a bit in order to show her support for me. We couldn’t say much to explain our side as the caretaker is also a member of our religious organization and was present during the meeting. It is unfortunate that a member did not display the teachings and ideals our organization stands for. We do not screen would be members. Any one is welcome to join. Our objective is the sanctification of the members by way of constant prayers, study and discussion, that in due time we will change for the better. For the meantime, we deal with each other patiently. I was able to replace her with a more hardworking man, but I know she and her sympathizers have a grudge against me.

I also had to do something about the space near my house which was being used by those who are not really residents of our village, but who have access via an alley as a place to dump their garbage. Although they are placed in plastic bags, the cats looking for food usually scatter the trash before the garbage truck arrives. And sometimes they also leave very heavy objects there such as broken toilet bowls which the garbage men do not want to take except if you give them enough cash. I will probably write about what I did next time to regain the cleanliness of that space. Meanwhile, my sister who calls me up almost daily was incredulous about what I’ve been up to.

“So, you have to meddle with everything, including that garbage problem?”

Do I want to do it? Of course not, if someone else would. But I am glad I did: The disrespectful maid has mended her ways and toned down her voice and probably understood my point. I was able to replace the caretaker as the officers have to choose between her and me. The chapel is much cleaner now and there is someone we can ask to do errands and little repairs. His wife also helps with the cleaning.

The space near my house is now devoid of the mountain of trash that used to be almost a fixture there.

It was hard going while undergoing the transformation with all that conflict I have to deal with. I have to choose between keeping quiet and stewing in irritation under the situation until it corrects itself which is wishful thinking, or deal with the situation at once, no matter how difficult it was.

I’d rather meet the trouble head on. It was worth all the trouble.

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