It Doesn’t Feel Like New Year’s Eve.

Photo by Tairon Fernandez on

It must be the gloomy weather that I usually feel a little bit down at this time of the year. Although the neighbor must be trying to simulate the past years’ celebration of New Year by playing his sound system full blast for so many hours now, it doesn’t lift my spirits. In fact, I find it irritating, I am trying to stop myself from reporting him to the authorities in the smallest government unit or barangay. Anyway, the staff there might just laugh and tell me it’s almost New Year anyway and they are just celebrating.

It really doesn’t feel like New Year’s eve as firecrackers are banned ( I totally agree) , parties of more than 10 people are not allowed, there are stiff travel restrictions that my sister cannot just hop in a bus to visit like she used to do. She would be subjected to a swab test and quarantine. My other sister and husband died last August due to Covid-19 and so I wouldn’t be expecting her and family to have New Year’s day lunch with me. Although we’re allowed to hold Church Eucharistic celebrations at 30% capacity, I am disappointed that there were less than 30% who attended the Christmas eve Mass when it used to be overflowing with attendees filling the adjacent street even. But now, those below 15 and over 65 are not allowed, although there were still a few who were able to get in. My niece , husband and maid who are too lazy to hear Mass used the “online” Masses as excuse not to go physically to the chapel.

Anyway, there is a plus side to this. I will try to sleep after the Mass instead of gorging on food while merry making. I’ve gained a few pounds since the lockdown and I couldn’t get started with intermittent fasting as I am acidic.

I just hope 2021 would be kinder. Happy New Year everyone!

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