My Covid Scare

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I read somewhere that grandmothers usually get the severe forms of Covid from their grandchildren who are asymptomatic. I thought I did, too:

The two boys of my niece who lives nearby has a daily routine of staying with me for a few hours each day. Their father goes out everyday for work as a police officer. Although, he is careful to disinfect before he enters the house or touch his kids, we do not know how the virus travel from him to other members of the family.

The boys usually catch colds or coughs and the mother blames it on me because I allow them to intercept my watering implements and also because they are fond of sweets. But I have another theory: they must catch it from the adults as they sleep altogether in an air-conditioned room.

There are times when I think of telling my niece not to allow them to come to my place anymore as they might infect me. The older kid is quite naughty that when he sees me trying to move away from him, hurrying to get something to cover my nose everytime he suddenly coughs or sneezes, the more he will do so to my face. But I couldn’t, as I will miss them so much.

And so, I finally caught the virus, most probably from the kid, am just not sure if it was the Covid. I was quite exhausted that day, attending to the 2 workers doing repairs and repainting the roof, and at the same time entertaining the boys while I prepare lunch. I was also not yet over my anger with their maid (see my previous post) as she refused to come over for a talk and clarification. I have a mouthful to say to her but wasn’t able to, so it probably affected my immune system.

It could have been just an ordinary virus but I felt so weak and I lost my sense of smell, although not my taste. (Losing your sense of smell and taste is a sign of Covid infection) I told my niece not to let the boys come to my place although I could not bring myself to tell her that I lost my sense of smell. I also logged a 37.3-37.4C body temperature, had a stuffy nose, and cough. And I thought to myself ” Oh God, is this it? Am I going to suffer excruciatingly in the hospital and die like my sister did?” I felt bad that the maid and my niece would probably be so happy when I go so they could move in to my house and take my prized possessions. I realized that the boys I am fighting to be with would be the cause of my illness.

I’ve been trying to smell things that I fell asleep with the bottle of Efficascent oil open and some drops got to my cheeks and eventually to my left eye and I was jolted awake. Thank God, it was nothing serious and I regained my sight within minutes of rinsing my eye.

Today, I was supposed to attend the ceremony of Legionaries’ annual consecration to the Blessed Mother, but I decided not to go as I was afraid to spread the virus in case, I really had Covid. I said to myself, I would go if I woke up with my sense of smell back. But by the time I’m supposed to leave the house to get to the church on time, I still haven’t regained my sense of smell. A few minutes later, while taking a bath, I smelled the scent of the bath soap! After taking my bath. I tried smelling many things like the body powder and lotion, and I was so ecstatic to be able to smell again.

In the kitchen, I opened some bottles to smell just to be sure – the sesame oil, fish paste, vinegar, etc. I was so grateful to God for giving me a second chance to be Covid-free and I have decided to be very careful in order not to contract this abominable virus!

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