Good for another six months

As a breast cancer survivor, I go for IV transfusion of Zoledronic acid for osteoporosis (as the anti-cancer meds I’m taking causes osteoporosis) every 6 months, and at the same time my check-up. I dread the date as I have to undergo diagnostic and laboratory tests which I find tedious, especially in this Pandemic time. Not only is it physically tedious, but nerve-wracking as well. I dread findings that would result in a recurrence esp. as there have always been small cysts in my right breast at the same time that it was discovered that I had a malignant lump in my left breast.

As I go about fulfilling what needs to be done, and seeing that the results don’t look bad according to what I can remember about the doctor’s previous comments, I heave a sigh of relief, knowing it is not as bad as I dread despite the stress I have undergone from dealing with my niece and her maid for the past 8 months

And now that there’s a new requirement in order that I will be allowed by the hospital to undergo my treatment – a negative RT-PCR test done within 7 days! Another hurdle. What a relief to get an email from the laboratory that says I am negative for COVID-19.

And finally, I have finished my treatment and my doctor has seen my laboratory and diagnostic tests results and says I am doing well except that we monitor the cysts on my right breast, I feel like singing a hymn of praise and thanksgiving!

Last Friday, at the prodding of my church sister who is also a barangay (smallest unit of government) councilor, I went for my vaccine. I had some rashes and left knee joint pain although it could also be due to my IV transfusion. I usually feel a lot of bone pain a few days after the treatment.

And so I am good for another six months, thank God and to all the saints that interceded for me.

And Covid-free, too!

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