Happier Now?

Photo by Caleb Oquendo on Pexels.com

Last Monday, I agreed to let the wife of the caretaker and her newborn and 6-year old sons live with me as they are just living in a makeshift house made of GI sheets. When it is raining, the roof leaks, and when the weather is hot, the heat is more intensely felt. There’s an old house beside the chapel , but the Homeowners association wouldn’t allow them to live there. I have an extra room anyway.

With the recent altercation with the maid of my niece over her kids who she was preventing from going to my house like they used to do and my niece who was too meek to reprimand her as she was afraid to lose her maid even to the point of alienating me, I’ve been mulling of my need for human bodies, especially kids, to live with me. After all, I like the wife of the caretaker and I used to call her to do some house chores while her husband I call to do some house repairs, and the like.

I thought that with the baby and kid, I would no longer feel so disappointed when my 6-year old grandnephew fails to come for one reason or another. As a compromise and upon the prodding of my niece’s father who is in the province, the kids are made to come for a little under two hours in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon, and the maid was prevented from fetching them. It is either the parents who do that or I let them go home on time. Despite this, I still feel bad from the disrespect the maid and my niece showed me when I came over to their place to clarify some things. As a matter of fact, I would like to see the maid go or I have to let them leave as I own the place if they do not apologize. I feel the effort of my niece to mend her relationship with me, but without addressing the real cause: her maid! No one touches her maid especially now that she’s 5-months pregnant. There was even a time when she cried in front of her maid and begged her not to leave. She even gave up on her relationship with her aunt just to side with her maid. Now, what kind of treatment will we get from the maid?

It was so exhausting for me when my grandnephews come over and mess up the house with their new playmate, cooking for more than myself and helping care for the baby that when my grandnephew did not come one day, I was quite relieved. I learned he contracted a fever and even if he was quite better yesterday and was knocking at my gate, the maid prevented him from doing so. My niece said, she was just concerned that the baby might get infected.

I was quite feeling happier, to not be so dependent on my niece’s kids to be happy. In fact, I was feeling better, the shortness of breath I have observed in myself since the altercation is a little bit less now, I’ve been singing along with the singers of my favorite praise songs on YouTube and s and I’ve been teaching the 6-year old to read and write, but… this is the third day that my niece’s kids have not been sent to my place, and I still miss them!

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