Finally, Cable TV!

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For the longest time, I have resisted having Cable TV at home. I was contented with free-to-air channels especially when I bought a digital box which added 5 more channels. With a digibox, I don’t have to pay the monthly fees, but just the one-time price. I thought, that with a cable tv, there are too many channels and I’d be overwhelmed. I’d keep on switching channels and end up not seeing the end of every show or program I’d watch. Like Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook, who bought many gray colored shirts of the same style so he doesn’t need to think of what to wear for each day.

I remember a niece who loves to watch 2-3 shows at the same time, since they have a TV set with insets. I wonder how she understands what she is watching?

But then, my favorite channel and the additional digibox channels disappeared from the air because it was shut down by our Congressmen on questionable charges on the instructions of our president just because some of his campaign ads were not shown for lack of time and the denigrating-to-him ads of his rival were shown. He vowed to seek revenge when he becomes the president. So he succeeded. With the disappearance of the channels of the shuttered TV and radio station, I wondered why some other free-to-air channels also disappeared? Except for the government channels which I hardly tune in to, there were only two other channels for me to choose from. One day, when I saw the sales promo for a Cable TV, I made the mistake of inquiring, and the sales agent never stopped contacting me until I agreed to subscribe.

Despite the many channels to choose from, I realized that majority of the time, I’d rather watch on free-to-air channels and just switch to other channels during commercial breaks. But now, I can get to watch the programs on the shuttered TV station as they are still available on cable. I have not finished a single movie as I fall asleep on my chair watching them. There were times I’d rather watch YouTube as I get to fast forward the videos.

Sometimes, there were pleasant surprises when I chanced upon shows I really like. I think I need to have a balllpen and notebook ready so I can write down the channels and the shows being advertised there for next time. When I was younger, there were TV guides in the leading newspapers. But now, one must exercise diligence.

I was right all along that I wouldn’t be able to maximize the use of Cable TV. But there’s the Pandemic and the lock downs and I’m a senior now – I need to experience it at least in my lifetime. But there’s the hitch – since I subscribed during the promo period, there is a lock-in period of 2 years. So happy watching to me for the remainder of the 2 years, as I explore the new world (to me) of cable tv!

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  1. Enjoy yourself 🙂 We too have cable TV here. There are paid channels and the free ones. But we have to pay the basic amount, Rs 200 per month. When my husband wants to watch some sports, we subscribe for that particular paid channel. We have to pay extra for that.

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