Hyperactive Boys

Photo by Amina Filkins on Pexels.com

I have two grandnephews, 7 and 3 years old, who live nearby and usually come in the afternoon to my house everyday for more than an hour. They are manageable if they come one by one, but together, they turn my house upside down and makes me real tired after they leave. The older one is real naughty, and has no qualms about wrecking things. I couldn’t leave him alone or he’d pour the face powder or spray water or spill the contents of my drawers on the floor. I get very upset as it gets very slippery or that we’d trip on things. He had slipped before due to the water he sprayed on the floor. He knows what would make me mad and he’d deliberately do it, like mess up my bed and tell me to look inside my room as he runs downstairs. Sometimes, I’d spank him with my slippers, but he retaliates too. Almost everyday, he gets very heavy scolding from his mother, but it hardly makes a difference. He’s no problem when I let him have his way with the laptop. But then, his parents frown on seeing him playing with games on gadgets.

The little one is not as naughty, but he imitates his older brother, and is at the stage where he is very curious: He loves switching all the lights on, plugging electrical appliances and turning them on. He also loves to meddle with my cooking, he grabs the knife when he sees me slicing the vegetables. Sometimes, I relent and let him slice some soft and easy-to -cut greens with supervision. He is also into getting my things and throwing them down the window planter box which is too deep for me to retrieve the things he threw down like my hairbrush, calculator, and whistle. He also likes to overturn the small table and chairs.

Why do I like to have them at my house when they are troublesome? When they are not together, it is fun to talk with them – “from the mouth of the babes” as they say. And they are cute and chubby and with so smooth a skin I love to squeeze.

Then there’s this thin boy of the chapel’s caretaker who comes to the house 3-4x a day to use my laptop and wifi for his online classes. His mother drops him off and I help him do his homework after the classes. I thought he wouldn’t have the energy to move as much as my kin but I was wrong! 15 minutes into his teacher’s lecture, he gets restless as his teacher calls on his classmates to recite one by one. He starts to move away from the monitor and plays with the computer chair, pretending that it is a vehicle. When I have to answer phone calls or do some chores, he gets into playing hide and seek with me. While doing his homework after the classes, he loves to jump like a frog and flip over the sofa. He also loves to drop the ball from the top of the stairs and run with it as it falls down the lower steps. He’d do it over and over again until I tell him off. Unlike my kin, he is not that cute although he is a good-looking boy. Maybe when I succeed in fattening him, he’d be cute and chubby, too. I do those for him for charity. Maybe I really like kids and I do not have any of my own, and probably to fend off loneliness during the Pandemic , especially when my niece’s maid keep the boys from me. If I did not enroll him, his parents won’t because they don’t have wi-fi and computer, and the boy who is already 7 years old would grow up uneducated. Maybe if my niece’s belligerent maid did not start to keep the boys away from me, I wouldn’t think of enrolling the kid of the chapel’s caretaker. God has a reason why some things happen unexpectedly.

I’ve taken care of young nephews and grandnephews before, but it is a different matter when you get into contact with them more often, than when they just go for a visit from time to time. Yes, there were also robust and energetic ones, but this lot takes the cake!

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