A Restored Friendship

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She was my classmate in College who figured that I would make a good friend until we eventually became best friends. She has a strong personality and some of my classmates are wary of her, but she was nice to me. Maybe because she was always available to listen to my troubles and vice-versa. And when I bought a lot to have my house constructed , she convinced me to sell her a piece for her own house. Instead of two apartments, I sold her a piece and settled with one house and one apartment. Since we are both single, I figure that it would be safer to have a friend live within the compound.

I lived with my nephew and maid at first, until my nephew’s siblings moved in, as their parents sold their house and moved to the province to put up a business. She lived with her two sisters. The older of the two had a strong personality as she. I regretted selling her the lot and agreeing for her to live near me as they had a lot of complaints especially with my boarders and was always asking my maid to receive heavy packages and other favors. She also felt bad when I declined to go out with her to watch movies or the like. There came a time I dreaded for the phone to ring as it might be her inviting me to go out. My ill feelings built up (there were also unfortunate incidents) until I didn’t want to have any thing to do with her anymore. She probably noticed how I became cold to her. Anyway, she never stopped trying to bring back the old relationship: Every time my birthday and Christmas come, she would leave small gifts for me. I wish she wouldn’t , as I feel I have to reciprocate, albeit, reluctantly. Sometimes, we’d accidentally meet at the tricycle terminal.

More than 15 years have passed up to the present and she would go on despite my attitude towards her. My nephews and niece have since gotten married and left. And so did her sisters. In order to battle her depression especially during the colder (SAD) months, she sought and volunteered with some of the Dominican sisters during her spare days. I was always active with our chapel and spiritual organization in the community. Lately, I noticed she has mellowed, and came to visit after my operation for breast cancer. She looked genuinely sad for me. Probably, it was the start of our reconciliation.

Fast forward to the present. I didn’t envision myself sitting with her in my garden drinking coffee and asking for her advice about my niece and her belligerent maid. My friend started out bringing me some plants as we are both “plantitas” or plant enthusiasts which started during the Pandemic. Sometimes, she’d bring some goodies and ask for some plant cuttings, too. Although she has changed, there are still some traits that wouldn’t, like she still wants to have her way, even with the arrangement of plants in my garden. Despite this, I shall always be grateful to her for encouraging me to continue paying my premiums for the government health insurance and social security system when I resigned early from my job. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have enjoyed the pension, no matter that it is quite paltry when we take into consideration the inflation or the health insurance, when I was operated on and undergoing my chemotherapy.

Feeling so alone and sick then, I asked the Lord to send me a companion. Maybe she’s the one.

2 thoughts on “A Restored Friendship

  1. I am glad for you and hope you are feeling better after your treatment .My mother had mastectomy last November. She is fine. She believes we have to face what comes our way. She says what is the point in crying if it will not make any difference. Take care and prayig for your good health.

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