Why Wake Up Early?

Photo by Ekrulila on Pexels.com

When my niece stayed with me for about 3 weeks before they moved in to the house nearby, the husband of my niece noticed that I wake up at dawn, was cooking breakfast at 5 am while I listened to a Catholic inspirational radio program. By 5:30 am, I was already taking my breakfast. Knowing that I’m already in my senior year and was retired, he asked me why do I have to wake up so early. Nobody’s taking my attendance, anyway. So why?

Why not? I live alone, and I don’t have a maid. There’s somebody I can call to do my laundry or to clean some areas which I do not need to clean everyday or are hard to clean like the 2 toilets and one vacant room. For the rest, I do it by myself. My tiles are white and they easily look dirty with bits and pieces of scrap falling from the dining table or from biting biscuits or cookies. I have to constantly sweep and mop daily. I have to go to the wet market or supermarket and cook my food, probably once or twice a week. I am an active chapel volunteer and a member of a religious organization and there are assignments and maintenance work to do on the chapel, too. Although, there is a caretaker, he has to be guided. I am a Plantita and there are plants to water daily or repot, trim and fertilize. There is garbage to throw 3x a week. After the laundry dries, I have to haul them back to the house and fold or iron. I have volunteered and enrolled the child of the caretaker at the village public school , and I let him use my laptop for his online classes 3x a week , help him with his homework and lessons, and feed him, too since he is underweight for his age. The kids of my niece come everyday 1-2 hours a day. Sometimes i accompany them outside to play, or let them play with my gadgets. The older one, eats lunch and dinner in my home and he is a messy eater . There are some matters to attend to – banks, check-ups and diagnostic tests, home repairs, etc.

As I juggle my tasks to beat the time, the day is over soon. I tick off the tasks done in my “things to do” list for the day and it usually feels good that I have almost done everything I have set out to do. Until I realized, that I have not read the newspaper for the day. Sometimes, I feel I need to wake up earlier.

Now he knows why I have to wake up early.

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