Much Ado About Cooking

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Come to think of it: we never tire of watching food preparations on TV that there are cable channels devoted to it all day long. On free TV , there are also cooking shows, lady’s tv magazine format that has to have food a preparation segment, food shows sponsored by food companies promoting their brands, even documentary shows go cooking in the guise of featuring food native to different provinces or countries or how some people were able to build businesses using their cooking skills. And of course, cooking tutorials are also on social media!

I must admit I am also drawn to them as I switch channels while the program I’m watching is on commercial break. I wonder myself while I keep on watching even though I already know how to cook what they are featuring, or even when I know I won’t cook the dishes they are preparing as they are not healthy (maybe someday).

Maybe those who are fond of watching cooking shows are looking for fancy and new dishes because they can afford them and they are tired of the ordinary and old dishes. If you are hungry, you’d most likely eat anything that’s nutritious and safe to it. Who cares about fancy dishes?

There’s also an advantage to watching cooking shows: Sometimes I learn new techniques. It also adds spice to drudgery to cooking to be able to try innovations on old dishes like using some new ingredients than what I’m used to. Maybe it’s the kitchen I’d like to view – state-of-the art kitchen appliances, equipment and furniture and expensive eating utensils in a well-designed kitchen. Something I’d love to have but can only look at.

And for whatever reason or maybe there is no reason, except eating is our favorite hobby, cooking shows are here to stay.

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