Happy With My Adopted Family

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When I told my niece who rented my apartment nearby, to let go of her quarrelsome maid after she confronted me brazenly ( and that is after more than a year-long conflict ) or leave. I had already planned to let the wife and kids of the chapel caretaker to live with me, just in case my niece opted to leave than let go of her maid. And she did choose her maid despite the difficulty of living in a smaller and more expensive place. I couldn’t even understand why she’d rather keep her quarrelsome maid than mend our broken relationship. I have seen how her maid talked back at her and her husband before and how she always has the last word in the household. It still rankles that my niece allowed such show of disrespect.

The wife and kid of the chapel caretaker have lived with me for more than a week before after she gave birth last July and she does my laundry every week. She is soft spoken, and unassuming, a complete opposite of my niece’s maid. I also guide and tutor her kindergarten kid who I also enrolled in a nearby public school. I knew how financially challenged they are, that paying for the rent of the small makeshift house is a problem for them. I had wanted to share my house as I feel bad that the money that would buy their food would go to pay for the rent while I live alone. The kids are obviously malnourished. The chapel caretaker drives a tricycle also, but was severely affected by the lockdown due to COVID-19. There was only one problem: I didn’t want the husband to live with us and I thought the Homeowners’ association would allow him to live in the chapel but they didn’t despite my pleading. So, I let him sleep in the garage, and he goes to the chapel in the morning.

They have been living with me for about two months now and I have observed the baby and kid getting healthier and livelier as I helped provide them with healthier food and guide them in the hygiene department like brushing their teeth or taking a bath. The kid would be graduating on June 24 and would be moving up to grade 1 next school year.

Last night, as we were watching TV and I was carrying the baby, I felt happy. I was happy to feel a sense of belonging to this family, even though we are not related by consanguinity. I was happy I could carry the baby when I feel like it, as like all babies, he is so cute. Whereas before, even if I wanted my niece’s kid s to be with me, there were strict protocols, and they couldn’t go to my house even if they wanted to. The maid and my niece were overprotective of them, I just couldn’t take them with me any time I wanted to. However, when I told my niece to leave, she had let go of her strict protocols as she hoped I would change my mind. I would have, but the maid was as brazen as ever, knowing that my niece was so afraid of letting her go. When my niece and husband were away, she’d find a way to prevent them from going to my house.

I used to feel so sad and angry whenever my niece’s kids couldn’t come to my house, that it would affect my sleep. I figure I wouldn’t miss them so much if I don’t hear them, that it would be better for them to live elsewhere. And I am right. And now, I can eat my cake and have it , too – there’s peace and my niece’s husband still brings his boys on weekends to my place as there’s not much space in theirs for the kids to play safely.

4 thoughts on “Happy With My Adopted Family

  1. That’s really a nice situation , a win-win solution. You’re lucky to find a good family and they’re lucky to know you.

    On a broader perspective, the world will be a much better place if those who have extra space will share with those who have less or have no home at all.

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