Into the World of the Ageing.

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As the years passed, I feel the signs of ageing are beginning to manifest in me: you know , like a head of white hair (even though I dye my hair, I can’t do it more frequently than I do now and by the 3rd week, the white hairs show), sagging jowls, eyes are always moist ( ironically, ophthalmologists call it “dry eyes” and prescribes “artificial tears”) , thickening waistline, aches and pains here and there. And now, what I dread most of all – wearing dentures! I have been wearing a two- front upper teeth jacket for over 20 years until it started to get loose. And what my dentist found out is the tooth at the other end of the jacket it is attached to, is decayed beyond salvation and has to be pulled. Since I am a senior, although just with mild hypertension and pre-diabetic, I needed to get a clearance first, from my doctor. During normal times, it would be simple and cheaper to have my tooth extracted, but now I spent probably 3x than I normally would! First of all, my Oncologist wouldn’t reply to my message on the cellphone. I contacted her secretary, and she said, there is no reply also, only to find out that the doctor prefers that I consult her on her online clinic app. When before, I could just ask for a clearance from her for free, since I regularly consult her, I now have to pay a regular consultation fee. Next, the dentist charge for the cost of the PPE, and professional fee is double because of air-sterilizing equipment. alcohol and other sanitizing paraphernalia at the clinic. I was afraid they were going to require RT-PCR test, also. Thank God, they didin’t. After all, COVID-19 is on the wane.

I was so relieved to have my tooth extracted painlessly, I thought the worst was over! But after I got my denture, I realized there was something the dentist did not explain until after I wore it. It is really painful when the artificial teeth touched my gums and she said, it would take a while to get used to it and I have to bear it. After two weeks, if it still hurts badly, I think she will grind the denture a bit. Meanwhile, I have to offer my sufferings for the salvation of the world (sigh)!

Then I remembered some older friends who have complaints about their new dentures then, or the one, who, during our meals together would remove her denture . I felt remorse for being inconsiderate when old people would complain then about the crunchy or half-cooked vegetables for some dishes that I prepared. It is only when you’ve experienced it that you begin to understand. And it is now time for me to understand!

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