Ideal Arrangement

Two weeks without my live-in househelper and it is bliss as I knew it would be.  Although it wasn’t her fault that since my nephew moved out, she doesn’t have much to do and I contracted breast cancer that I need to economize that I have to let her go.  I could have worked out something to let her stay while she hold a job some other place, or maybe she can continue her studies.  But the lady is too quiet, I have to pry the replies from her mouth.

This is the first time for me to be alone.  I should be lonely but I’m really not.  There are some perks to living solo.  I can do whatever I want, anytime, like doing my dance exercises, or sing-alongs.  Members of my church community live just around the vicinity and at least 2x a week we have some activity, and  my nephew and his in-laws live nearby.  This is an ideal arrangement – people who care about you live adjacent to your home but you don’t really live together.

However, some good things never last, as the song goes.  Someday, they may want to live elsewhere. Or the in-laws might be called upon to take care of another offspring’s baby somewhere.

But it is not good not to enjoy the moment worrying about what would happen in the future.  It is like stealing from the present. I will cross the bridge when I get there.  After what I’ve been through, challenges are no longer as formidable.

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