Dancing Like I’ve Never Done Before.

When my doctor advised that I should exercise daily for at least 30 minutes with special emphasis on my left arm (left breast mastectomy),  I turned to the YouTube dance videos.  I am amazed at how uninhibited I have become and how easily I get the moves even though they are the latest pop dance craze. (Trumpets, Work, Fantastic Baby and the like).  Not ballroom nor folk dance, mind you. I am also puzzled at why I seldom get tired when I feel the need to rest every so often when doing household chores.  But I modify the jumping or twirling moves as I might get dizzy.  I imagine myself dancing with the girls for a Christmas party number, showing off that I can do the moves despite my age.  I couldn’t help but chuckle remembering how in my College Physical Education class ( Jazz Dancing) at how stiff my movements were and our choreography so boring which one may call clichés on the dance floor, because we were  too shy to dance in public.  My teacher was so frustrated, our group almost failed the course.

Funny, that at my lowest physically (I’m still getting Herceptin treatments),  I was at my best dancing form!


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