All The Things I Can Do!

I’ve been looking forward to the day when I’d be through with my regular chemo, and now I’m done! I’m done with it and so relieved,  although,  I’m still feeling the side effects at a reduced intensity.  I have yet to hurdle radiation therapy and herceptin infusion though. Compared to the regular chemo, these treatments have milder effects on my tastebuds and overall strength according to my fellow breast cancer patients.

When the things we used to take for granted are taken away from us, we appreciate them more when we get them back.  Take our tastebuds.  Now I have a better appreciation of the pleasures of eating and the blending of flavors in dishes and eventually into my palate.  I appreciate my normal immune system, that now I can mingle with my friends and loved ones without a nose mask for fear of catching a disease.  I  also appreciate that I now have a normal red blood cell and platelets count and the strength to take long walks, dance and exercise or do my usual routine activities without easily feeling fatigued.  I can now be a blessing to my community as I become active again in church service or go back to work (maybe just home-based or part time) .

I can do all these things because my health has been restored, all the more I should guard my health. I will eat healthy – more veggies and fruits, less instant seasonings,  less or no instant drinks or colas, less pastries and sweets, go natural or raw and less animal meat. I will exercise daily.  I will stress less by asking God to take charge of things I can’t do anything about. I will try to sleep for 8 hours everyday and value my relationships more over material things.  Thank God, I can do all these again!

4 thoughts on “All The Things I Can Do!

  1. I am so happy for you! I am so happy for you! With faith all things are possible! I have some recipes that replace those flavor packets if you would like, I can e mail them. I am also trying to go organic and it is so hard! Really….I mean taco night>? Hubby comes home with seasoning packets galore…I figured out my own recipe though….Keep moving ahead my friend. I think you are wonderful. Hey, are you on Guam? Just wondering. My sister lived there for a long time. I have so few readers ( lol )…one is definitely there…Let’s swap recipes! X And thank you for listening to me all the time. I really appreciate you following me. It means the world. Someone cares! X


    1. Thank you! You have an interesting life in the farm which is why I follow your blog. I’m from the Philippines. You might not want the kind of food we eat around here. It’s usually with rice.


  2. well done – you made it through! The worst is hopefully behind you and you werestorng and kept going. I have one more chemo to get through. THen surgery and rads. And like you i intend to make the most of my body and my health and ensure Ieat healthily and exercise regularly. I hope you continue to grow in strength and energy

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