Summer Fun

Amana Waterpark- Pandi 007

It is now that time of the year in the Philippines when the Facebook is filled with summer outings posts.  Since it is also the school vacation for the children, families usually schedule their out-of-town or country vacations.

But with the heat, I do not enjoy taking trips or going out during summer.  I’m no fan of swimming either as I do not look good in a swimsuit and neither can I swim well. Add to that the fact that my left arm cannot move well due to left breast mastectomy.   The last time I went swimming,  I almost drowned.  I fulfilled one of the items on my bucket list – that is to ride the three-floor high slide that leads to the pool,  with my grandnephew.   I finally did and landed at the bottom of the pool and I could not stand in order to float to the top of the water.  It took a while for me to float to the top that I thought I would drown.  It is a good thing my grandnephew was wearing a life vest. After emerging from the waters, I was afraid I would get into more trouble as I felt my head aching from a high blood pressure. In College, I enrolled in swimming as one of my Physical Education course.  Our final exam was to swim across the pool and jump into the 10 feet deep portion and remain afloat for at least 30 seconds,  or was it 1 minute?   I barely passed but at least I did.  But how come I am still scared to swim in the deeper portions of the pool where I won’t be able to stand up if I feel like it?

I didn’t take advantage of the 4-day long weekend holiday last week as I knew I would be battling traffic as the majority would want to escape from the city and I would arrive at crowded resorts.

I prefer taking trips during January-March where the weather is a bit chilly and the surroundings are fresh and vividly green due to the rain showers as I prefer to hike in the hills instead of going swimming.

But with climate change, it rains even during summer or when it is supposed to be the dry season.

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