Musings on the Weather and My Diet


I’ve blogged about it before – how the weather has changed! Into September, the weather should have been cooler, and there should have been more rains. For about two weeks, it feels like summer, hot and humid.  Thank God, we are having rains today, more of a drizzle, but at least it was drizzling the whole day long.  I did pray hard yesterday for rain, and it did,  although there was news the previous day that a tropical depression was sighted entering the country’s area of responsibility.  Of course, I’ve heard of the hurricane Irma wreaking havoc in Florida and the Carribeans while there were some areas experiencing forest fires.

But I am not supposed to blog only about the weather again.  I am blogging about how I broke my diet again when I couldn’t resist the roasted pork spread with its crispy skin at a community gathering.  I hardly eat pork or animal meat, but at social gatherings, it is so hard to stick to my diet. There are so many friends whose birthday falls in September, October and November.  And then December – Christmas parties galore! So, how will I fare in controlling my diet?

But I’ve improved a lot in the area of sticking to my diet after having undergone mastectomy and treatments. I just tell myself I should avoid the food that is toxic to my system to prevent recurrence. But there are times when the dish looks so yummy, I just have to taste it, that I break my diet.  My friend, after seeing me avoid the delectable fare said that she does not deprive herself. She just counters the effects of the bad food by taking drinks made from boiling some medicinal leaves.

I still believe it is better not to take in toxins instead of trying to expel them from your body.  After a while, your preference change, and you’ll be craving for the good food!

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