Family, Friends, and Politics

The 25th of February marked the 33rd anniversary of the EDSA People Power revolution. It is a bloodless revolution that drove the Dictator Ferdinand Marcos away. The Catholic Church, through the leadership of Cardinal Sin, called on the people to shield the soldiers who broke away from the government in Camp Aguinaldo with their bodies. People came en masse, nuns met the soldiers in the government side manning tanks, with flowers and rosaries. I was proud I went there even just on the third day as moments later, it was reported that the Marcoses have fled to Hawaii and Gen. Fidel Ramos did his memorable jump of victory.

As a people, it was our shining moment and many countries followed suit and drove their dictators the same way.

But now, save for the dictator himself, the Marcoses are back and running for higher elective positions. This was made possible by our incumbent president who is a supporter of the Marcoses and who admitted that they gave a substantial donation to his campaign kitty. He also allowed the dictator to be buried in the “Libingan ng Bayani” (Heroes’ Cemetery) despite the uproar.

As Feb. 25 was a holiday, I had planned to invite my niece-in-law to go out of town with the kids (my nephew is abroad) since the last time we saw each other was during the Christmas season. But an animosity was created by her recent posts in the social media praising the president probably as a response to my posts commenting on his wrongdoings. He is really vulgar, said he would wipe out corruption but is befriending corrupt officials and freeing them from jails. And because the Catholic Church leaders are calling for a stop to extra-judicial killings and human rights violations, he is now persecuting the Church and even encouraging people to kill the bishops. Despite his ways, he is still popular probably because his supporters do not want to admit they have elected the wrong leader.

During the campaign period for the national elections in 2016, the social media exploded with posts blasting each other’s candidates resulting in animosities between family and friends.

To this day the practice continues although I try very hard not to be affected and to overlook slights and to just share posts sparingly. However, sometimes it just can’t be helped as I lost all enthusiasm to be with my niece, although I miss the kids. Do I just love my country or what?

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