Alternative Medicine and Cancer

Recently a popular philanthropist and environmentalist succumbed to brain cancer. She didn’t go for traditional treatment such as chemotherapy but instead had Vitamin C IV infusions. I’ve also learned that she had breast cancer in 2017. It wasn’t clear if she had mastectomy or at what stage the cancer was. She just said she drank lots of turmeric and lemon grass tea everyday, and ate healthy (vegetarian and organic) and was healed in 6 months. I don’t know if she was really healed or the cancer metastasized into her brain.

I know of other people who refused chemotherapy and instead consulted naturopathic doctors. And they didn’t get healed. The cancers spread to the other organs. When Mrs. W was diagnosed with colon cancer, she had surgery but refused chemotherapy or radiation. Instead, she took very expensive herbal supplement for cancers. More than a year later, it has spread to her lungs, and that’s when she had chemotherapy.

Father R also observed that some of the nuns he knew who had cancer refused chemotherapy and resorted to alternative medicine, died.

As a 5-year breast cancer survivor, I had the works the Oncologist prescribed – Chemo, radiation , targetted chemo and maintenance cancer tablets. I also try to eat healthy as much as I can, avoiding meats and sugars. I didn’t know how I managed all the hardships of treatment, but I believe without them, I would have said “goodbye” to this world earlier..

My take on Alternative Medicine is it is good for prevention, but when the cancer is already there, it cannot do much. Maybe more research is needed as to the dosage and other side effects. Besides, most people can’t stick to very strict, usually unpalatable diets.

So for the meantime, modern Western medicine is the way to go.

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