My 18th Herceptin Infusion, at Last!

I felt a great burden was lifted from me as the nurse removed the IV needle from my hand for my 18th and last herceptin infusion! I remembered listening at my Oncologist’s clinic  18 months ago, as she enumerated the treatments I had to go through:  8 cycles of chemo and 33 days of radiation. That  I could take.  But when she added that after radiation, I will have to undergo 18 cycles of herceptin infusion!  Tears welled up, as aside from the tediousness of the procedure,  herceptin is so expensive, it will eat up my savings and what would I live on after that?  But God did provide.  I got some medical assistance from the government and I qualified for the 40% discount from Roche.

Sister Vee was there to tell me she didn’t want to see  me again in the chemo room after she learned it was my last infusion!  She gave the following tips to ensure I wouldn’t have a recurrence and I’m sharing it with you:

  1. Choose to be happy so that good hormones will be released to fight cancer cells.  When it looks like you are about to get depressed or stressed,  pray, watch comedy shows or read funny or positive-thinking books, dance or play.
  2. Watch your diet.  Go organic and natural and avoid animal meats and seafood, processed and canned food, and sugar. Eat more of unfarmed fish, fruits and vegetables, beans and mushrooms.
  3.  Get enough rest,  sleep and exercise.
  4. Keep healthy relationships by learning to be loving and forgiving. If you can, have an active social life and try to join any  community civic or  religious groups.
  5. Drink lots of mineral or alkaline water preferably 30 minutes before meals and 2 hours after. (A total of 2-3 liters a day)
  6. And last but most important of all, enrich your spiritual life by studying God’s Word or the Bible and have a daily devotional time with God.  You will be more serene and will not easily succumbed to stress.

I believe sister Vee, but I know it will not be that easy. I trust God and thanked Him for sending to me the good sister and it is all up to Him afterwards.

2 thoughts on “My 18th Herceptin Infusion, at Last!

  1. Oh, happy day!!! You did it!! 🙂 I remember that feeling myself, when I finished my own Herceptin IVs this past June! Congratuations for making it through the fire…and I just LOVE Sister Vee’s suggestion. I am having a little trouble with not eating meat (especially since I cook for 4 of us and I LOVE meat. LOL) but I’m not doing too bad on the other things. God bless you as you begin your new phase!!

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