Making Plans

Stalled by a bad cough which I got from my sister who stayed the week in my home, I wasn’t able to go and see an OB-GYN at once as recommended by my Oncologist during my last quarterly check-up. My pelvic ultrasound showed small myomas and there was blood in my urine (from Urinalysis).  I’m not sure, though, if the blood was due to a tiny kidney stone which I had as far back as 2011, but is not visible now. I had wanted to get it over and done with, as there’s the impacted tooth I need to have removed, and my annual eye check-up with my Ophthalmologist. Aside from my health, there are other pending matters I need to attend to.

Before my sister arrived from Bicol to celebrate her birthday, we had grand plans for our adventure trip with her children and grandchildren.  But she came with a bad cough which I readily caught, and then our grandnephew tripped and had a cut on the forehead requiring 5 stitches on the day they were to come see their grandmas.  In the end, we just had lunch out at a must-see venue which resembles Italy’s Venice. I remember last year, we also just had lunch out at a resto near the hospital her daughter was confined in for hyperthyroidism complications.  Talk about making plans!

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