On a Brighter Note

For the last few weeks, I was on edge not only about my routine checkup but also about another thing that’s been bugging me.  I realized I could no longer appreciate the wonderful things in my life, all I can think about is all the things that could go wrong. I go about living feeling nothing except fear.

I saw my ob-gyn yesterday.  She examined the result of my TRS ultrasound and told me that my small myomas and uterus lining are nothing to worry about.  As the side effect of Tamoxifen is in the uterus, its lining thickness has to be constantly monitored. For a while, I was downhearted when I saw from the ultrasound results that I had myomas, as I thought I would have to go under the knife again for hysterectomy.

I was also able to consult two resource persons about some thing I’m anxious about last week.  And they said the same thing:  “Nothing to worry about.”

As I was tending my plants, I was pleasantly surprised that a bougainvillea plant I planted in a pot is starting to bloom. I didn’t expect it to bloom so soon.  Usually, they are left to grow undisturbed for months, i.e., with minimal pruning in order to allow the flowers to bloom.   I planted the cutting in a pot for the purpose of putting it in the vacant space near my house to discourage people from throwing trash there. My nice neighbor started it by sharing his two potted plants and I decided I would, too.

Sometimes, there are pleasant surprises that are the opposite of what I expect to happen.  I thank the Lord for giving them to me, and I’m sorry for expecting the worst when I can always call on Him.


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