Still Useful

Got a text message from my niece who was at work who requested me to fetch her 4-year old from school as his service trike driver was indisposed. I was hesitant at first, as I’ve already told her before, that on Wednesday mornings, at almost the same time, I have to go to the chapel to pray the rosary and novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help with my sisters in the church. I usually lead the rosary and have the flash disk which contains the novena I downloaded from YouTube. It is better to follow the video especially with the singing, than if we just sing and recite the prayers without it. They say, our prayers will be more effective if we do it together. And usually, we discuss some things concerning the running of the chapel afterwards. But of course the safety of my grandnephew is foremost on my mind that I called my friend to say I’d be late.

As a breast cancer survivor of almost 5 years, single and going into her senior years, sometimes I wonder why I keep on going through the periodic tedious diagnostic tests and check-ups. What am I living for? During times like these, I realize that I am a big help to my nephews and niece, especially in the rearing of their children while the parents are at work. Likewise, I cannot downplay my contribution to the community by way of helping in the running of the chapel and other religious activities and leading in the spreading of the Gospel which we do with the Block Rosary. Sometimes, I wish others will take over and probably, I can get into business, as I’ve been doing these for more than a decade. And with love of God, next comes my love for my country. I was not only a social media campaigner for candidates who I think are capable and decent but I also went out distributing flyers on the streets, market and church. Together with my younger sister, I sometimes join major mass actions when there are issues we have to voice out to the administration.

Yes, many can use a helping hand. I always offer mine. Which is why, I’m going for another check-up next month.

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